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Panyc’s reputation important to business

Published 4:53pm Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear Editor,

This concerns a letter you published Feb. 19 concerning Panyc restaurant not being all it appears to be.

I agree with the writer’s concerns, and if what she describes is true, I would not want my teenager attending their events.

However, as a small business owner, this letter is very disturbing. First, did the writer first go to the ownership of Panyc to discuss her concerns before writing this letter?

Second, did the Reporter give Panyc an opportunity to respond in the same issue?

As a businessman, I realize that my reputation with customers can make or break me.

Also, I recognize the important role of adults in our community to look out for one another’s children.

However, businesses can be hurt, even destroyed, if anger motivates this kind of letter, and the writer and the publication medium are not careful to make sure all facts are brought out.

Warren Hamby


  1. Look at the comments on Teen PaNYC facebook page, The Truth About PaNYC facebook page. It does not seem that Steve Krubinski is much more than a child himself. Furthermore, if Mrs. Slay-Tollison attempted to speak with the owner he/she would hardly find him objective or approachable. Steve Krubinski pretty quickly told me that he was not interested in what I had to say. Mr. Krubinski is taking all calls and “answering” all calls..just saying that something is still VERY WRONG WITH THIS WHOLE PICTURE.

  2. I am faxing copies of the comments on FB to the Editor and to th City of Alabaster for review. If the City of Alabaster thinks that this is appropriate behavior from a business owner then we have bigger problems. No words to describe his behavior!!!


  3. Wow! This is insane. Steve Krubinski = Charlie Sheen

  4. and I am faxing copies of the comments to the City attorney, Jeff Brumlow. I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM THIS MAN!!!

  5. I feel as if the city has made the right decision to delay his license. It appears as if there is much more to learn about this guy and his staff at this “business” and I use that term lightly. How can we trust this man with alcohol and/or the safety of our children, if he himself cannot refrain from acting like one?

  6. I spoke to Steve Krubinski and he was not willing to listen to any of my comments without being totally defensive and never really answered my questions. He kept telling me that I just did not get it and did not understand what he was trying to do. He was right about that. I do not understand and never will.

    John Rickter

  7. First off I am not the owner of PaNYC secondly I never spike to you mr Rickler. I have only spoken to Ms Tollison so not sure what you are talking about. As to the other poster I have an idea on who is posting these comments and this individual has been caught already fabricating the truth

    As to PaNYC. I can assure you that there are hundreds if parents that support Saturday teen night. But everyone seems to loose sight of the fact that PaNYC is not a babysitting service but a business that one day a week entertains teens. The teens also hang out in the prominade at taco bell and a lot of other places. PaNYC just offers another place. If you don’t like the activities then suggest that you don’t let your teens go don’t buy food from us don’t support PaNYC that’s fine but realize as a business we are not obligated to discuss or seek input from anyone

    We are night a club but a restaurant and we are not subsidized by anyone we invested our own money for this and yet it seems that 3 or 4 individuals feel it inappropriate yet they did not show up last Saturday for an open forum to discuss. As referenced above in one posting I am being compared to a child that is fine if that is your opinion and as to my staff of 12 I’m not quite sure what you meant.

    I will again be at PaNYC along with the owner of PaNYC tomorrow to discuss with anyone any question. But please understand that whie we will listen we are not obligated to implement

  8. Mrs Tollison please feel free to comment as at this point people are speaking o. Your behalf and they do not realize that you and I have had a very good conversation

  9. Open invitation for an open forum at PaNYC any question will be answered any suggestions considered. 1pm the owner of PaNYC, Laura Krubinski will be there along with myself, the owners husband Steve Krubinski I am not an owner in any way but I mange the facebook and respond Laura is always willing to listen

    Tomorrow night we are open for teens and this is a open invite for any law enforcement officer or public official to visit

  10. One last comment addressing the faxing or accusations. Please attend the open forum if you have questions as to any other documents or faxes I am unsure what the references are please bring to the open forum and we can address

    I am not the owner of PaNYC and as to being business owner, my wife is the owner and the last I checked if personal likes or opinions dictated who opened business or operated business there would be no business in the US as everyone has people that they do not see eye to eye with. And while I might not be the most effective writer I can assure you that if you take the time to
    Meet with Laura or anyone else on the team instead of making statements based on comments that might be out if context or written in anger after personal attacks by individuals you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Fb comments are partial comments or onside responses to posting and can and have been taken competey out of context. All this being said. Take 5 minutes and come to PaNYC and meet Laura and her staff. I will be there also but please note that while opinions and comments will be listened to, Laura is the only one with money in the venture and as such she is who makes the final call.

    As to stopping foam parties or anything else, PaNYC is not planning to cancel them but have modified the dress code.

    Just to state again Saturday is an own forum at PaNYC and if the press wants to attend and ask questions also that is fine. Last week was parents only with great results this week is open to all 12pm at PaNYC

  11. As the writer of the editorial comment, I would like to say that I have spoken with Mr. Steve Krubinski regarding PaNYC via phone and email. In fact, we had a pleasant conversation and discussed The Krubinki’s business model. While I still do not agree with several of the “themed party” suggestions and I still have concerns about the age range (15-19)and supervision, I felt that Mr. Krubinski was repectful and open to my comments and suggestions. Mr. Krubinski indicated to me that he and his wife Laura are both willing to answer any questions that parents or OUR community leaders may have. Sincerely, Stacey Tollison

  12. Steve claims he is not in any way shape or form the owner of panyc, yet he has told many people that his 16 year old daughter is the owner. His daughter, his wife, HIM and their DJ are all part owners. He may not own the most part but he runs EVERYTHING, not just facebook. He is a lier and minipulates everyone. He needs to just pack that place up and take it back to tuscaloosa or bessemer or coker or where ever it is he is really from and leave our city and kids alone and safe from him.

  13. To this individual that keeps slandering personslly us and making false statement I suggest you at least list your name This last one just shows that you are personally attacking me and my family without cause. We do believe we know whom you are.

    What ever your issue we hope you find peace with yourself as you continue to spew lies


  14. March 12, 2011 from 11am-12pm any and all adults are welcome to come to PaNYC and ask their questions. For or against PaNYC hosting a Teen Night once a week, your voice can be heard in person at PaNYC on March 12, 2011. for those of you just reading and trying to figure out what is going on, please come to PaNYC on Saturday and see for yourself. Don’t be swayed by individuals that pretend to know the business and have never been there. See for yourself.

  15. To the individual attackig me personally just a quick edification, I actually spend 2/3 if my time in the New York area so it would be a little hard to “run” everything as you stated. I am a business consultant by trade so I do help my wife out with her venture as any husband would but between my wife and our manager Farrah. I really am not involved in the day to day operating

  16. I love the little sandwiches served there. We attended a private party there a few months back. The staff was very nice. The food was excellent. The music was great. The DJ’s were very accomodating to every song we asked them to play. There was nothing negative about the experience. I do wish that there was more advertising so people would know what it’s all about. I think there is a little bit of mystery and that makes some people leery. I assure you that we had a great time and the people were great. Love the food! Gotta try the food. (I’m not affiliated in any way with the restaurant or club or building or parking lot or any blade of grass in the yard!!)

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