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Kirkland is ‘delight to be around’

Kirkland is ‘delight to be around’

Born Adel Virginia Reach on Feb. 8, 1927 and weighing only 2 1/2 pounds (a very serious circumstance 89 years ago) she was quickly dubbed ... Read more

Milstead pursues career in teaching

Carla Milstead, better known as “Miss Carla” to dozens and dozens of 4-year-old kindergarten students, has been a teacher at First Baptist of Alabaster for ... Read more

King makes her libraries ‘interesting’

Christi King is the library media specialist for both Thompson Intermediate School and the Thompson Sixth Grade Center. Read more

Bankson named First Presbyterian choir director

When the time came to move from his church (Presbyterian) in Laurel, Miss., John Allen Bankson returned to his roots in the Birmingham area. Read more

Cherish the gift of a new year

Cherish the gift of a new year

What did you accomplish in 2015 – a new house, a new car, new job or success in your field of work? None of the ... Read more